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Stop being limited by physical barriers and start selling online with e-commerce.


Sell To A Global Audience

Or to a local one. With e-commerce you have the flexibility of selling to anyone you want to sell to, no matter their location. We develop complete e-commerce solutions to put you on your way to business success.
Stop being limited by geography by selling online today!

e-commerce development

Scale Easily

Increase your product offerings, acquire new customers, break into new locations easily with e-commerce. Grow your business without hassle and breaking the bank by selling online.

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E-commerce Development

Take Advantage of Digital

  • Showcase Popular Products Easily

    Show your customers what products are getting attention to further drive sales easily with your online store.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience

    Show personalized product recommendations, deals, coupons, and many more with your online store. You can also take it a step further with personalized offer emails and notifications.

  • Upsell/Cross-sell With Ease

    Increase revenue by upselling and cross-selling to your customers easily in your online store.

  • Remarket To Customers Without Hassle

    Continue to reach customers even when they are off your site/store with remarketing campaigns. Prevent losing revenue due to abandoned carts with retargeting.

Our Process

How It's Done

  • Design

    The first stage in our process involves the design of your e-commerce store. Our team will contact you/your team so as to cover all bases.

  • Develop

    After design, the next stage is development. Your e-commerce store is developed and equipped with all the functionality needed.

  • Deploy

    Upon the completion of the development stage, the next step is to launch your new online store and start selling digitally.

our process
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Plans & Pricing

E-commerce Development Plans

Basic Plan


Standard Plan


Premium Plan


Custom Plan


Explore E-commerce Development Plans

Basic E-commerce Development Plan

  • Template Design

    You will have the option of selecting from different template designs available.

  • Payments Integration

    Let your customers checkout online with payments integration for your store.

  • Contact Forms

    Let your customers contact your for inquiry, order cancellation, support, refund, return, etc.

  • Analytics Integration

    Your e-commerce store will be connected with Google Analytics to gather data and get insights on user activity in your store.

  • Search Console Integration

    Google Search Console integration for your store to get keyword data and speed up indexing by Google.

  • Google Maps Integration

    Have physical locations? Show where your physical stores, pickup locations, return locations etc. are with a map.

  • On-page SEO

    Each content and product page will be optimized for their target keyword.

  • Pages

    With the basic e-commerce development plan you can provide content and get up to 10 pages.

  • Products

    Start selling online with up to 20 products allowed for this plan.

Standard E-commerce Development Plan

  • Custom site Design

    Get a custom design for your new online store. The design for your store will be created by a design professional specifically for your store.

  • Payment Integration

    Let your customers checkout with two different payment methods.

  • Wishlist & Coupons

    Your customers will able to add products to their wishlist and you will also be able to create coupons for use in your store.

  • Weekly Backups

    Weekly automated backups to a remote cloud storage to protect your store data.

  • Image Optimization

    Large images slow down website. Thus image optimization will make your site load faster and improve user experience.

  • Blog

    Carry out content marketing with a blog for your store.

  • Site Hardening & Security

    Security configurations will be activated on your store to keep malicious actors away and protect your business.

  • Live Chat

    Connect with your customers and answer their questions in real time with live chat on your store.

  • URL Submission

    We will submit your store URL to Bing and Google the two largest search engines responsible for more than 90% of all searches.

  • Creation & Verification of GMB profile

    Get a boost in SEO with a Google My Business profile.

  • Pages

    With the premium e-commerce development plan you can provide content and get up to 20 pages.

  • Products

    Bring your catalog online with up to 40 products allowed for this plan.

Premium E-commerce Development Plan

  • Subscription Products

    Charge customers a recurring fee for your service or product with subscriptions. You can also sell memberships and other subscriptions with this functionality.

  • Payments Integration

    Collect payments through up to 5 different payment gateways and give your customers the flexibility they need to make purchases smoothly.

  • CDN

    Deliver content quickly to your customers around the world with a content delivery network (CDN).

  • Daily Backups

    Prevent loss of revenue and guard against eventualities with automated daily backups saved to the cloud.

  • Newsletter & Email Marketing Integration

    Integrate your store with popular newsletter and email marketing services or have us build one into your site.

  • Popups

    From notices to welcome messages to offers, harness the power of popups in communicating with your store visitors.

  • Social Integration

    Synchronize your online store catalog across platforms with this feature. Supported platforms include Facebook and Instagram.

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Get back lost revenue with abandoned cart recovery. Remind buyers that they haven't completed the checkout process easily.

  • Advanced Coupons

    Create coupons for different types of promotions such. Use coupons to reward loyal customers, attract new ones, and build your brand online.

  • Affiliate Program

    Leverage the power of affiliate marketing by getting your onw store's affiliate marketing program for willing participants to be able to promote your store.

  • Product Filtering

    Allow users to quickly sort through products to find the ones they are looking to buy without stress.

  • Pages

    With the premium e-commerce Development Plan you can provide content and get up to 35 pages.

  • Products

    Bring your catalog online with up to 100 products allowed for this plan.

Custom App Development Plan

  • Flexible Features

    With the custom app development plan, you get your desired combination of features for your app irrespective of the tiered plan they fall into.

  • Custom Functionality

    You get to determine the different functionality to be included in your app.

  • Custom Integrations

    Determine which custom applications and services your app should be integrated with.

  • Custom Pricing

    Custom requirements, custom application, custom pricing. We believe in value-based pricing and price accordingly.

  • Custom Timeline

    We will create a custom application development timeline that best suits your application and to achieve your goals.

Compare E-commerce Development Plans

  • Basic Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Best Value
    Premium Plan
  • Custom Plan
FeaturesBasic PlanStandard Plan
Best Value
Premium Plan
Custom Plan
Payment Integration1 gatewayUp to 2 gatewaysUp to 5 gatewaysCustom
Contact FormsUp to 3Up to 5Up to 8Custom
Analytics Integration
Google Search Console Integration
Google Maps Integration
Affiliate Program
Product Filtering
PagesUp To 10Up to 20Up to 35Custom
ProductsUp To 20Up to 40Up to 100Custom
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E-commerce Development Plans Comparison
  • Basic Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Best Value
    Premium Plan
  • Custom App
FeaturesBasic PlanStandard Plan
Best Value
Premium Plan
Custom App
/3 mos
/3 mos
/3 mos
Keyword Research
Audience Research
Strategy Creation
KPI Measurement
Keyword Optimization
Content Promotion
Blog Posts61224Custom
How-To Guides246Custom
Case Studies24Custom
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Frequently Asked Questions

The digital marketing services we offer are content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing.

Digital marketing holds a host of potential for your website/business. Digital can benefit your business in ways such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads, increasing email subscriptions, and generating sales among others.

To get started, you will have to know what your goals are concerning your business/website. This will help in developing the appropriate digital marketing strategy to meet these goals.

The length of a digital marketing campaign can be determined by a number of factors such as budget and campaign goals.

We have a number of pre-structured campaigns with fixed lengths that you can check out here.

You can contact us for the design and execution of custom campaigns.

As long as a business/website involves people it can benefit from digital marketing. The digital realm provides immense opportunity for growth some of which cannot be tapped until intentional, well-planned strategies are deployed in the form of digital marketing.

You can contact us for any clarifications needed concerning this service or any other service we offer.

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